Jeremy Corbyn has said he could work with Andy Burnham


Jeremy Corbyn, one of the four candidates for the leadership of the Labour Party, has said that he could work with Andy Burnham who is one of the other candidates.

Corbyn said on Newsnight:

“Obviously there has to be a party of all the talents and of course, we can work together, and that’s an easy thing to do”.

Yvette Cooper, also standing for leadership of the Labour Party, criticised Burnham’s position which represents a change to previous stances that he has taken on Jeremy Corbyn. She called on Burnham to stand down with her campaign team saying:

“Our figures show he will drop out in the second round because his campaign is failing to provide an effective alternative to Jeremy and he is losing first preferences as a consequence. If he isn’t prepared to offer an alternative to Jeremy, he needs to step back and leave it to Yvette”.