Former UKIP MEP Ashley Mote sentenced to five years in prison

Ashley Mote, the former UKIP MEP for South East England, has been imprisoned for five years for expenses fraud. Mote stole £500,000 from the European Parliament over a period of six years from 2004 until 2010.

The disgraced politician had also been found guilty of benefits fraud in 2007 and was sentenced to nine months in jail. He was able to retain his Parliamentary seat as the jail sentence was under a year despite calls for his resignation. Mote ignored calls from the UKIP party leader Nigel Farage to resign and he continued in his role until June 2009.

During sentencing today Justice Stuart-Smith said:

“Your greed and dishonesty were matched only by your hypocrisy, because while this was going on you carried out a high-profile campaign condemning corruption and the improper use of public money in the very institution from which you were leeching it”.