Amran Hussain suspended by Labour Party

Amran Hussain, who represented the Labour Party in the constituency of North East Hampshire at the 2015 General Election, has been suspended by the party. The move comes after he took a selfie at the scene of the mass murder of many individuals by a gunman in Tunisia.

Hussain dismissed requests for an apology and said in a statement:

“Selfies are not banned. I don’t see anything wrong with it”.

After refusing to apologise the Labour Party confirmed that Hussain had been suspended. In a statement the party said:

“This is completely unacceptable and offensive behaviour and he has been suspended”.

Hussain refused requests for comments but controversially retweeted a comment from another user which read:

“You have shown respect for victims of the #TunisiaAttack and they’ve exploited it for commercial gain”.

Hussain had come third in the traditionally safe Conservative seat of North East Hampshire at the 2015 General Election and he obtained 9.8% of the vote. The constituency was won by Ranil Jayawardena who was representing the Conservative Party.