John Biggs becomes new Tower Hamlets Mayor


John Biggs has been elected as the new Mayor of Tower Hamlets after the election was rerun. The previous election had taken place in 2014 and was won by Lutfur Rahman who has since been convicted of electoral fraud.

Following his victory Biggs said:

“Tower Hamlets is quite a magical place. Historically it’s a place people come to from across the world. Most people in this country have an ancestor who came through East London.

“It’s a magical place where people traditionally come with very little and build their dreams. I think that is still the case”.

John Biggs has served as a Member of the London Assembly for City and East since 2000 and stood in the Mayoral elections in 2014 coming second.

In April 2015 at a hearing at the High Court an Election Commissioner found that Rahman had breached electoral rules. The Judge in the case said that Rahman had “driven a coach and horses through election law and didn’t care”. The election result was cancelled and these new elections ordered to take place and Rahman was banned from standing as a candidate. Rahman was also ordered to pay £250,000 in costs in what was one of the largest cases of electoral fraud in recent history.

After the April court verdict John Biggs said:

“He robbed the people of Tower Hamlets of the free and fair mayoral election they deserved and betrayed everyone in our community who trusted and voted for him”.

Rabina Khan came a close second and she stood as an independent but with the support of the disgraced Lutfur Rahman. Electoral officers held the count at the ExCel centre which is outside of the borough because of fears of intimidation which had been alleged in previous Mayoral elections.

The final result including second preference votes was:

John Biggs – Labour Party (32,754 votes)

Rabina Khan – Independent (26,384 votes)

Peter Golds – Conservative Party (5,940 votes)

John Foster – Green Party (2,678 votes)

Elaine Bagshaw – Liberal Democrats (2,152 votes)

Andy Erlam – Red Flag Anti Corruption (1,768 votes)

Nicholas McQueen – UKIP (1,669 votes)

Hafiz Abdul Kadir – Independent (316 votes)

Vanessa Helen Hudson – Animal Welfare Party (305 votes)

Md. Motiur Rahman Nanu – Independent (292 votes)