John Healey has withdrawn from Labour deputy leadership race


John Healey, the former Minister of State for Housing and Planning, has withdrawn from the race to become the deputy leader of the Labour Party. Healey had 20 nominations of the 35 he needed to stand but he said that he had withdrawn to give other candidates a chance to stand.

The only two candidates to get the required 35 nominations are Caroline Flint and Tom Watson and Healey is thought to have been critical that Watson has continued to try to get more nominations beyond the minimum he needed.

Healey has represented the constituency of Wentworth (Wentworth and Deane since 2010) since 1997 and was the Shadow Health Secretary from 2010 until 2011 before he stood down.

The remaining candidates for the deputy leadership are Rushanara Ali, Ben Bradshaw, Stella Creasey, Angela Eagle, Caroline Flint and Tom Watson. The result of the leadership election will be announced on 12 September 2015.