Bow Group in turmoil after Benjamin Harris-Quinney revelations

The Bow Group is in turmoil after an interview with Andrew Neil discovered that the group’s chairman, Benjamin Harris-Quinney, wasn’t a member of the Conservative Party.

Harris-Quinney said during the questioning by Andrew Neil, which was broadcast on BBC’s Daily Politics, “why are you asking me about a branch of Conservatives Abroad?” before attempting to shout over the host. Conservatives Abroad said that Harris-Quinney was no longer a member although Harris-Quinney said that because he founded the branch of Conservatives Abroad in Madrid he was the President of it.

Michael Heseltine commented that:

“I think [Andrew Neil] destroyed him … and he is not a member of the party and is actively campaigning in a way which is incompatible with Conservative Party policy”.

Shortly afterwards Michael Heseltine, Norman Lamont, Geoffrey Howe and Nirj Deva issued a statement saying:

“As Patrons of the Bow Group we believe that this country’s best interests are served by voting Conservative in all situations. Ben Harris-Quinney does not speak for us or represent our views”.

Numerous other Bow Group members and Conservative MPs have distanced themselves from Harris-Quinney.