Prime Minister meets with Nawaz Sharif of Pakistan


David Cameron, the Prime Minister, has met with Nawaz Sharif, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, at 10, Downing Street in London. A Downing Street spokesman said:

“The Prime Minister welcomed Prime Minister Sharif of Pakistan to Downing Street following their attendance at the Gallipoli commemorations at the Cenotaph earlier this morning. The leaders took the opportunity to discuss a number of regional issues, including the situation in Yemen and Afghanistan. The leaders set out their support for finding a diplomatic solution to the crisis in Yemen and working with Saudi Arabia to help bring about this transition. Prime Minister Sharif also updated the Prime Minister on Pakistan’s work with Afghanistan towards a peace process. The Prime Minister said that it was in Britain and the wider region’s interest to see stability and a close working relationship between both countries”.

A spokesman for Sharif said:

“During their meeting, the two leaders discussed a wide range of issues pertaining to bilateral cooperation as well as regional and international situation, including the current situation in the Middle East.

The two leaders expressed satisfaction that relations between the two countries have substantially strengthened in recent years. They expressed confidence that bilateral ties between the two countries would see further enhancement especially in the area of trade and economy.

Prime Minister David Cameron, while acknowledging the sacrifices rendered by Pakistan, appreciated Pakistan’s efforts to eradicate extremism and terrorism from its soil and said UK would continue to assist and extend cooperation to Pakistan in this regard. The Prime Minister also appreciated UK’s cooperation and assistance in the areas of security and counter-terrorism”.