Chamali Fernando criticised for mental health comments


Chamali Fernando, the Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Cambridge, has been criticised following comments she made about mental health at a hustings in the city.

The barrister said that:

“Maybe it’s something as simple as there are certain conditions which are more common, where people can wear a wristband to identify they have that condition, so that then we can perhaps, not diagnose, but spot it earlier and ensure that we deal with it”.

Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, said:

“Silly ideas like making people suffering from mental health issues wear wristbands would only increase the discrimination and stigma around mental health, rather than end it”.

Richard Taylor, a political blogger, posted on Twitter during the event:

“She …. says those with certain mental health issues ought wear wristbands to identify their conditions”.

In response to the press reaction Fernando said:

“Richard Taylor is distorting commentary for his self publicity purposes”.