Sir John Major calls on Labour to rule out a coalition with the SNP


Sir John Major, the Prime Minister from 1990 until 1997, has called on Labour to rule out a coalition with the SNP. In an article published in the Daily Telegraph he wrote:

“A Labour-SNP alliance would be a lethal cocktail for the United Kingdom. The two parties loathe and distrust one another in Scotland. At Westminster, SNP minds would not be focused on the well-being of the United Kingdom, but on their own party interests.”

Major also wrote that the two parties fundamentally disagreed on the future of the union and that the SNP would want a coalition with the sole aim of breaking up the union. He added:

“The Labour leader in Scotland, Jim Murphy, has proposed raising the Mansion Tax in England to fund services in Scotland. In doing so, he has opened the door for the SNP to make even more extravagant demands – which they will surely do as their price for propping up a Labour government. The resultant policy could only further penalise UK citizens outside Scotland.”

The Labour party have yet to say whether or not that they would enter a coalition although the SNP have said that they wouldn’t rule it out.