Debt of NHS Foundation Trusts in England increases


The NHS regulator, Monitor, has said that the debt of NHS Foundation Trusts has increased to £321 million which is five times higher than was planned.

The report also found that there had been both staff recruitment issues as well as an increase in the number of services required. There was an 8% increase in the number of journeys which were made by ambulances and there was an increase of 134% to 42,600 in the number of patients waiting for more than four hours.

The report also found that the target for making efficiency savings wasn’t substantially short, £210 million short of the target of £1.2 billion. The Foundation Trusts also spent £419 million more than expected on contract and agency staff due to staff recruitment issues.

The report looked at the figures provided by 149 Foundation Trusts in England. The Government said that it was committed to increasing funding to the NHS and that efforts needed to be made to cut the cost of contract and agency staff.