New UKIP Leader Says the Distribution of the Qur’an Should be Banned

Richard Braine, the new leader of UKIP, has reportedly said that the distribution of the Qur’an should be banned in the UK under terrorism laws. Braine had been elected as the new UKIP leader at the weekend, beating three other candidates for the position.

The Guardian reported that Braine said a few weeks ago that:

“We have laws against incitement, and yet there are people handing out Qur’ans in Leicester Square off a trestle table – a book which tells people to kill us to please God. We’ve got to stop incitement in public places like that. We’ve got to stop bigamy, welfare abuse. We’ve got to educate people in this country so they understand what the Qur’an says, what Islam really is, so they understand that it contains a hundred instructions to maim and slaughter innocent people – homosexuals, the infidel, women, apostates. So we need to understand what is in that book, we need to educate ourselves and our children about that.”

The Muslim Council of Great Britain said in a statement:

“UKIP’s continued descent into even greater depths of bigotry is only matched by its growing irrelevance and obscurity. Virulent Islamophobia was not a successful tactic under the previous UKIP leadership, and will not be this time. Our nation knows better.”

UKIP Select Richard Braine as the New Party Leader

Richard Braine has been elected as the new party leader of UKIP, taking over from the current leader Gerald Batten. Braine has been the chairman of UKIP in West London and was also second on the party list for the London constituency in the 2019 European Parliamentary elections.

In the election there were 5,539 votes, which represented a turnout of 19.1%.

The results were:

Richard Braine – 2,935 votes (52.9%)

Freddy Vachha – 1,134 votes (20.5%)

Ben Walker – 753 votes (13.6%)

Mike Hookem – 717 votes (13.0%)

There were also 194 spoilt ballots.

Henry Bolton Sacked as UKIP Leader

Henry Bolton, the leader of UKIP who refused to stand down despite having lost a vote of no confidence from the national executive committee of the party, has been sacked by party members after a vote. Bolton, who was appointed leader in September 2017, received only 37% support from members.

Gerard Batten will take over as the party’s temporary leader and he said in a statement to the party members:

“I believe that you have made the best decision that you could in the circumstances”.

UKIP Leader Henry Bolton Under Pressure to Quit As 17 Thurrock Councillors Defect

Henry Bolton, the Leader of UKIP, is under renewed pressure to resign as all of the party’s 17 councillors in Thurrock have resigned. Bolton, who received a vote of no confidence from the party’s national executive, is facing growing demands within the party to stand down. All of the 17 councillors will now represent the newly created Thurrock Independents.

Graham Snell, the leader of Thurrock Independents, said in a statement:

“Our mission is to maximise the quality of life of all Thurrock residents not gain power for power’s sake”.

UKIP National Executive Committee Unanimously Back No Confidence Vote in Leader

Henry Bolton, the leader of UKIP, has said that he will ignore the decision of the party’s national executive committee following their unanimous vote of no confidence in him. Paul Oakden, the party’s chairman, said “Henry was offered the opportunity to resign but he has made clear that he feels he is the right man to lead the party forward”.

Bolton said that he wouldn’t be standing down as it would damage the party, saying:

“If the NEC decides to go down the road of months of further in-fighting and further negative media scrutiny by deciding to pass a vote of no confidence in me, I think that the reality is that the party is probably over”.

There will now be a vote of members who will decide whether Bolton will remain as the leader of the party. If Bolton is replaced it would be by the party’s sixth leader since September 2016.

Nigel Farage Faces £35,000 Fine After EU Mis-spending Fraud

Nigel Farage, the former leader of UKIP, has been fined £35,000 after being found guilty of mis-spending EU money. The European Parliament investigation found that Nigel Farage had employed a member of staff who was then not employed entirely on dealing with EU matters, which was a requirement of the funding.

The EU auditor discovered the discrepancy in Nigel Farage’s claims, but Farage said to the Daily Mail:

“It is guilty until proven innocent, they can do whatever they like. Since Brexit they are just being vindictive”.

Nigel Farage Says There May be a Second Referendum

Nigel Farage, the former leader of UKIP, has said that there may be a second referendum on leaving the European Union and that the leave campaign should be prepared for it. Farage said that although he didn’t want a second referendum he felt that it might “kill off” future demands for a vote.

Farage said earlier today on Twitter:

“Maybe, just maybe, we should have a second referendum on EU membership. It would kill off the issue for a generation once and for all”.

He later clarified his position by posting another Tweet saying:

“The last thing I’ve ever wanted is another EU referendum, but I fear it may be forced upon us. We have to be prepared”.

A spokesman for the Prime Minister said though there are no plans for a second referendum.

UKIP Northern Ireland are Fined by the Electoral Commission

The Electoral Commission has confirmed that UKIP Northern Ireland have been fined £3,500 for completing an inaccurate spending return for the 2016 Northern Ireland Assembly elections. The Electoral Commission said that the party had incorrectly filed a nil return, but had now paid the fine which was issued.

Bob Posner, the Electoral Commission Director of Political Finance and Regulation, said:

“Annual accounts are the only information available to voters providing an overview of a party’s finances. In the case of parties which do not receive donations above the reporting threshold, it is also the only information available to voters as to the party’s income. That being the case it is important that these parties deliver accounts, and do so on time. The majority of smaller parties do so and we will take action where others do not.

The Commission has asked the Government to consider increasing the level of fines which can be imposed for these types of offences, in order to ensure there continues to be a deterrent to parties breaching the rules”.

UKIP Confirms Anne Marie Waters is to Stand in Party’s Leadership Election

UKIP has confirmed that Anne Marie Waters, who called Islam “evil”, will be allowed to stand in the party’s leadership election. A number of senior figures in the party had opposed her standing in the contest, following a series of comments she has made about Islam.

There are now 11 people contesting the leadership election, with voting amongst party members beginning on 1 September 2017. The result of the contest is expected to be announced at the UKIP party conference later in September.

The candidates are:

  • Henry Bolton
  • David Coburn
  • Jane Collins
  • David Kurten
  • Marion Mason
  • Aidan Powlesland
  • John Rees-Evans
  • Ben Walker
  • Anne Marie Waters
  • Peter Whittle
  • David Allen