Dyson Confirm Company’s Head Office to Move to Singapore from UK

Dyson have confirmed that they are moving their company’s Head Office from the UK to Singapore, in a move which they denied was linked to Brexit. Jim Rowan, the company’s Chief Executive, said that the move to Singapore would “make us future-proof for where we see the biggest opportunities.”

Sam Gyimah, the Conservative MP for East Surrey, said on Twitter:

“Dyson’s decision to move his HQ to Singapore reflects his narrow business interest. This is not just a transfer of two people. When HQs move, so does the intellectual property. Betrayal of the public who put their faith in him as a British business advocating a No Deal Brexit.”

Lord Adonis, the former Labour Cabinet Minister, also posted on Twitter:

“I see why Dyson is moving his HQ to Singapore. 3 months ago Singapore signed a free trade agreement with the EU – so Dyson will have more access to European markets from Singapore than from the UK!”

Rebecca Long Bailey, the Shadow Business Secretary, said in a statement:

“Dyson’s move to Singapore is a shocking blow to workers who now potentially face unemployment, but it is also a huge blow to the Government’s industrial strategy. For too long this Government has allowed a culture of short termism to work its way into some of our greatest British businesses, whilst those businesses doing the right thing and investing in their communities and workforce for the long term are left wanting, with little Government support. It’s about time we future proofed our long term industrial strategy instead of future proofing the short term profits of a select few.”

Universities Minister Announces New Rating System for English Universities

Sam Gyimah, the Minister of State for Universities, Science, Research and Innovation, has today announced a new rating system for English universities. The system is being launched in a bid to provide better value for students and to ensure that the performance of universities is more transparent. Universities will now be rated gold, silver or bronze by individual subjects, with information also being given about post-university average earnings.

Gyimah said in a statement:

“Prospective students deserve to know which courses deliver great teaching and great outcomes – and which ones are lagging behind. In the age of the student, universities will no longer be able to hide if their teaching quality is not up to the world-class standard that we expect.

The new subject-level TEF will give students more information than ever before, allowing them to drill down and compare universities by subject. This will level the international playing field to help applicants make better choices, and ensure that more students get the value for money they deserve from higher education”.

Government Minister speaks of need in schools for good business management


Sam Gyimah, the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Childcare and Education, has made a speech in Birmingham talking about the importance of business managers in schools.

He said that good financial management was essential in ensuring that schools used their budgets wisely and the role of business managers shouldn’t be under-estimated. He explained that the number of bursars and financial experts had tripled in the state school system since 2005 and it was helping in ensuring that there was better value for money.

Gyimah said:

“So I hope that governors, headteachers, and CEOs of multi-academy trusts across the country will take note now when I say – that this government supports you and this government will continue to support you, because we know how important your role is. Every day, your work underpins the great teaching in our schools and unlocks our goal of educational excellence, everywhere”.

The full text of the speech is available here.