Boris Johnson Offers Sympathies to Russia After Metro Explosion

Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary, has issued a statement on Twitter following an explosion on the St. Petersburg metro system. Ten people were killed when travelling on a metro train between the stations of Sennaya Ploshchad and Tekhnologichesky Institut, with over thirty more people injured.

Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian Prime Minister, said that the explosion had “been caused by a terrorist attack”. Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, had been in the city earlier in the day, and his spokesman said that the incident would be fully investigated.

Johnson wrote on Twitter:

“Horrified by news of explosion in St Petersburg. My sympathies are with the victims and their families”.

Theresa May makes statement over Alexander Litvinenko report


Theresa May, the Home Secretary, has made a statement in the House of Commons following the publication of a report into the death of Alexander Litvinenko.

May said:

“There is a strong probability that they were acting under the direction of the Russian domestic security service – the Federal Security Service or FSB. And the Inquiry has found that the FSB operation to kill Mr Litvinenko was probably approved by Mr Patrushev, the then head of the FSB, and by President Putin”.

She added:

“In particular, the conclusion that the Russian state was probably involved in the murder of Mr Litvinenko is deeply disturbing. It goes without saying that this was a blatant and unacceptable breach of the most fundamental tenets of international law and of civilised behaviour. But we have to accept this does not come as a surprise. The Inquiry confirms the assessment of successive governments that this was a state sponsored act”.

A spokesman for Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, rejected the allegations saying that they were “not transparent, not objective or unbiased”.

Prime Minister makes statement on MH17 aircraft


David Cameron, the Prime Minister, has issued a statement on the Malaysian Airlines MH17 aircraft crash on 17 July 2014. Commenting after the release of a Dutch investigation into the crash the Prime Minister said:

“We have always been clear that justice must be done for all of the victims of MH17 and today’s report brings us one step closer to establishing the truth. We, alongside our partners, will continue to send a clear message: those responsible for downing this plane will be held to account”.

The aircraft is thought to have been brought down by Russian backed separatists. 283 passengers and 15 crew were all killed in the attack on the Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur service.

David Cameron condemns killing of Boris Nemtsov


David Cameron, the Prime Minister, has condemned the assassination in Moscow of Boris Nemtsov who was a former Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation. Nemtsov was killed on a public road and was known as a critic of Vladimir Putin, the Russian President.

David Cameron said in a statement:

“I am shocked and sickened by the callous murder of Boris Nemtsov as he walked in the heart of Moscow last night. This despicable act must be fully, rapidly and transparently investigated, and those responsible brought to justice.

Boris Nemtsov was a man of courage and conviction. His life was dedicated to speaking up tirelessly for the Russian people, to demanding their right to democracy and liberty under the rule of law, and to an end to corruption. He did so without fear, and never gave in to intimidation. He was greatly admired in Britain, not least by his friend Lady Thatcher, who visited him in Russia and who would have been appalled by today’s news. The courage of Nemtsov’s life contrasts with the utter cowardice of his murder.

I extend my condolences to Boris Nemtsov’s family and friends. The Russian people have been deprived of a champion of their rights. Boris Nemtsov is dead. But the values he stood for will never die.”

Nemtsov had given a radio interview just hours before his death which some are saying is linked to the leadership of the increasing controversial Vladimir Putin.