Cameras to Broadcast from Crown Courts

Limited filming in crown courts will be allowed under new proposals announced by the Government today. The move will mean that judgements made by High Court and Senior Circuit judges can now be filmed, although no other part of the case will be shown.

Robert Buckland, the Lord Chancellor, said in a statement:

“This government, alongside the judiciary, is committed to improving public understanding of our justice system and allowing cameras into the Crown Court will do just that. It will ensure our courts remain open and transparent and allow people to see justice being delivered to the most serious of offenders.”

Downing Street Distances Itself from Comments Made by Robert Buckland

Downing Street has rejected comments made by Robert Buckland, the new Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice. Buckland said in an interview with The Times that some people accused of serious crimes might not initially be named in a bid to ensure their anonymity.

Buckland said to The Times:

“Let’s say you are a reputable local businessperson who is accused of fraud. Your good name is going to be really undermined by this mere accusation. You are a person of good character. That might be a meritorious case for anonymity.”

A spokesperson at Downing Street rejected the comments of Buckland and said that he wasn’t speaking for the Government. The spokeperson said “this doesn’t reflect Government policy”.