New UKIP Leader Says the Distribution of the Qur’an Should be Banned

Richard Braine, the new leader of UKIP, has reportedly said that the distribution of the Qur’an should be banned in the UK under terrorism laws. Braine had been elected as the new UKIP leader at the weekend, beating three other candidates for the position.

The Guardian reported that Braine said a few weeks ago that:

“We have laws against incitement, and yet there are people handing out Qur’ans in Leicester Square off a trestle table – a book which tells people to kill us to please God. We’ve got to stop incitement in public places like that. We’ve got to stop bigamy, welfare abuse. We’ve got to educate people in this country so they understand what the Qur’an says, what Islam really is, so they understand that it contains a hundred instructions to maim and slaughter innocent people – homosexuals, the infidel, women, apostates. So we need to understand what is in that book, we need to educate ourselves and our children about that.”

The Muslim Council of Great Britain said in a statement:

“UKIP’s continued descent into even greater depths of bigotry is only matched by its growing irrelevance and obscurity. Virulent Islamophobia was not a successful tactic under the previous UKIP leadership, and will not be this time. Our nation knows better.”

UKIP Select Richard Braine as the New Party Leader

Richard Braine has been elected as the new party leader of UKIP, taking over from the current leader Gerald Batten. Braine has been the chairman of UKIP in West London and was also second on the party list for the London constituency in the 2019 European Parliamentary elections.

In the election there were 5,539 votes, which represented a turnout of 19.1%.

The results were:

Richard Braine – 2,935 votes (52.9%)

Freddy Vachha – 1,134 votes (20.5%)

Ben Walker – 753 votes (13.6%)

Mike Hookem – 717 votes (13.0%)

There were also 194 spoilt ballots.