Polling for the Observer Shows Steep Fall in Labour Support

The Conservative Party have opened up a 7% lead over Labour in an opinion poll released by the Observer. It’s the biggest lead reported for Theresa May’s party since the 2017 General Election and shows a 6% fall for Labour from 40% to 34% and a 4% rise for the Conservatives from 37% to 41%.

The poll’s findings do differ widely from other recent polls, with the Observer noting that the Opinium poll for next month would show whether this shift is sustained or an aberration.

New Observer Opinion Poll Suggests Conservative Support Down

A new opinion poll produced for the Observer Newspaper by Opinium shows that support for the Conservative Party has fallen over the last days. The Conservative lead has now been cut to 6%, with 43% of voters projected to vote Conservative and 37% projected to vote Labour.

Opinium said following the results:

“Over two in five (42%) think that Theresa May would be the best prime minister. On the other hand 26% say Jeremy Corbyn would make the best prime minister. This is very different from the first poll of the campaign where 49% thought Mrs May would make the best PM and only 14% said Jeremy Corbyn would.

Similarly, at the start of the campaign, 44% said they were satisfied with Mrs May, while 16% were dissatisfied with Theresa May, but prefer her to Jeremy Corbyn. Only 20% said they preferred Mr Corbyn. However, the proportion who are satisfied with Mrs May and the proportion that prefer Mr Corbyn are now relatively similar (34% vs 33% respectively)”.

The full voting data is available at http://opinium.co.uk/political-polling-30th-may-2017/.

Latest Observer/Opinium Poll Gives Conservatives 9% Lead

A poll for the Observer newspaper puts the Conservatives 9% ahead of the Labour Party, down from 13% in March. Support for Theresa May increased though during the period, with satisfaction with Jeremy Corbyn at -35%.

The Conservative Party support fell from 41% to 38%, Labour increased to 29% from 28%, the Liberal Democrats fell from 8% to 7% and UKIP increased from 13% to 14%.

Polling for individual leaders was +21% for Theresa May, -35% for Jeremy Corbyn, -19% for Tim Farron and -33% for Paul Nuttall. The full polling details are available at http://www.opinium.co.uk/.

IPSOS Mori Poll Puts Conservatives in Record Lead on Best Team of Leaders


A poll issued today by IPSOS Mori has reported that the Conservatives have taken their largest ever lead in the question “which party has the best team of leaders to deal with the country’s problems?” with the Conservatives taking a 27 point lead.

A spokesman for IPSOS Mori said:

“Labour starts 2016 with big challenges ahead, being the furthest behind the Conservatives on perceptions of unity and leadership team since we started asking the question. The last time one of the big two was this far behind was in May 2001, when William Hague’s Conservatives were trailing Tony Blair’s New Labour. Meanwhile, the British public are as opposed to unilateral disarmament today as they were when we were asking them 30 years ago”.

A copy of the report is available here.

New poll shows no honeymoon period for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour


A poll for ComRes has shown that Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party hasn’t experienced a honeymoon period as would usually be expected for a new leader. The Conservatives polled 42% (up 2%), Labour 30% (up 1%) giving the Conservatives an increased lead of 12%.

Asked about individual figures those polled named Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell, the new Shadow Chancellor, as those they least liked. 52% of those polled did though credit Jeremy Corbyn with increasing interest in politics.