Naz Shah Re-admitted to Labour Party after Hate Posts


The Labour Party has confirmed that Naz Shah, the MP for Bradford West, has been re-admitted after she was found to have made hate posts on-line. She was suspended from the party in April 2016 and she also resigned from her position as PPS to John McDonnell, the Shadow Chancellor.

The Labour Party National Executive Committee confirmed that she would need to apologise for bringing the party into disrepute and could face being expelled permanently if she repeated her actions.

Andy Burnham Admits that Labour Has Been Slow to Deal With Antisemitism


Andy Burnham, the Shadow Home Secretary, has said on BBC’s Question Time that the Labour Party has been slow to tackle recent cases of antisemitism within the party.

Burnham said:

“These allegations, when they are surfacing, are not being dealt with properly and quickly enough. They need to be dealt with much more speedily in the future”.

Burnham’s comments come after criticism was made over how the party dealt with Naz Shah and Ken Livingstone.

Yvette Cooper, the former Shadow Home Secretary, also said last night:

“The Labour party needs to do more than simply to have suspensions of people who have been saying antisemitic things”.

Jeremy Corbyn, the Leader of the Opposition, rejected a question that the Labour Party was now in crisis, saying:

“It’s not a crisis. There’s no crisis. Where there is any racism in the party it will be dealt with, it will be rooted out”.

Jeremy Corbyn Side-Lined as the Labour Party Suspend Naz Shah


Naz Shah, the controversial MP who admitted posting hate comments, has been suspended from the Labour Party after Jeremy Corbyn, the leader, had refused to sanction such an action.

The Leader’s Office, which was briefing earlier that Shah shouldn’t be suspended, hasn’t yet commented on why the decision was made. Ken Livingstone criticised the Labour Party’s decision and said:

“What she said was over the top and offensive but it wasn’t antisemitic”.

Jeremy Corbyn Rejects Calls from Conservative and Labour MPs to Suspend Naz Shah over Hate Posts


Jeremy Corbyn, the Leader of the Opposition, has rejected calls for Naz Shah, the Labour MP for Bradford West, over hate posts which she made.

David Cameron, the Prime Minister, said:

“The fact that, frankly, we have a Labour Member of Parliament, with the Labour whip, who made remarks about the transportation of Israel to America, and talked about a ‘solution,’ and is still in receipt of the Labour whip is quite extraordinary”.

Lisa Nandy, a member of Labour’s Shadow Cabinet, said:

“I made clear my view to the leader’s office that we should suspend anybody who makes anti-Semitic remarks, in line with our policy, and investigate. It is right that we look at the circumstances around what has happened. But I think our policy is absolutely clear that we suspend people and then investigate.

There is a real problem for the Labour Party if we don’t look like we are taking these things seriously. But this is not just about the impact on the Labour Party, there is also the question here about what is the right thing to do”.

Jeremy Corbyn has refused to suspend Shah but said:

“What Naz Shah did was offensive and unacceptable. I have spoken to her and made this clear. These are historic social media posts made before she was a member of parliament. Naz has issued a fulsome apology. She does not hold these views and accepts she was completely wrong to have made these posts”.

Owen Jones, the left-wing commentator and journalist, also backed calls for Shah to go. He said on Twitter:

“John McDonnell was right to swiftly force Naz Shah’s resignation – but now the party has to suspend her”.

Naz Shah, John McDonnell’s PPS, Resigns After Hate Post


Naz Shah, the Labour MP for Bradford West, has resigned as the PPS to John McDonnell, the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer. Her resignation comes after suggestions were made that she may face suspension from the Labour Party.

The MP’s posts, made on Twitter two years ago, were noticed by the Guido Fawkes blog and add to the allegations that Jeremy Corbyn, the Leader of the Opposition, isn’t doing enough to tackle anti-antisemitism in the party.

Sir Eric Pickles, the former Conservative Cabinet Minister and current MP for Brentwood and Ongar, said:

“These harmful words echo the acts of hate and intolerance we as a country have always stood against and for them to come from a Member of Parliament about to conduct an inquiry into the rise of anti-Semitism is outrageous. I would urge Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to take immediate action”.

Michael Fabricant, the Conserative MP for Lichfield said:

“Naz Shah has appeared to have out done George Galloway in sheer spite and loathing. Her sitting on a Home Office inquiry into antisemitism means she will bring her own personal expertise to the Committee. If it weren’t so tragic, it would be laughable”.

The MP is also expected to stand down from the Home Affairs Select Committee which is currently discussing how to tackle antisemitism. The Telegraph has reported that two of her colleagues on the committee believe she should stand down.

Shah said:

“I deeply regret the hurt I have caused by comments made on social media before I was elected as an MP. I made these posts at the height of the Gaza conflict in 2014, when emotions were running high around the Middle East conflict”.