Brexit MEP Queries Lack of UK Representation in the EU After Brexit

June Mummery, the outgoing Brexit Party MEP for the East of England, has queried how the European Union fisheries policy can be held to account by the British after Brexit.

Mummery posted on Twitter:

“Attending the penultimate session of the #EuropeanParliament’s #FisheriesCommittee #PECHcommittee) with #BritishMEPs. The big question now is, who will be here to hold these people to account while they still control Britain’s waters, but the UK has no representation?”

Guy Verhofstadt, the Brexit Co-Ordinator for the European Parliament, posted on Twitter with reference to Mummery’s comments:

“European countries are stronger together using our combined influence to act in the world of Trump, Xi & Putin. This cooperation enhances our sovereignty. The isolation of nationalism takes this away, as some in the Brexit Party are now realising.”

Mummery later posted:

“To clear up any misunderstanding. I have always supported a #CleanBreakBrexit and reclaiming our fishing waters on day one. However, under  @BorisJohnson’s #WithdrawalAgreement, we have a situation where the EU will control our waters unchecked for at least 11 months.”

Brexit Party Won’t Stand in Conservative Seats

Nigel Farage, the Leader of the Brexit Party, has confirmed that the party will not be standing in constituencies which are held by Conservative MPs. The decision is a reversal from a previous announcement when Farage said that the party would be standing in every constituency.

Farage said in a statement:

“Now that the Prime Minister has said we we will not extend the transition beyond 2020, and he will go for a Canada-style free trade deal without political alignment. I have decided to put country before party and will not oppose Boris Johnson.

This ensures that the General Election will not result in a hung parliament and second referendum. We will target Labour and Remainer MPs and get a voice in Parliament to make the PM keep his promises”.