Sadiq Khan is the new London Mayor


Sadiq Khan has been confirmed as the new Mayor of London following elections held on 5 May 2016.

The first round results were:

Sadiq Khan (Labour) – 1,148,716 (44.2%)

Zac Goldsmith (Conservative) – 909,755 (35.0%)

Sian Berry (Green) – 150,673 (5.8%)

Caroline Pidgeon (Liberal Democrat) – 120,005 (4.6%)

Peter Whittle (UKIP) -94,373 (3.6%)

Sophie Walker (Women’s Equality Party) – 53,055 (2.0%)

George Galloway (Respect) – 37,007 (1.4%)

Paul Golding (Britain First) – 31,372 (1.2%)

Lee Harris (Cannabis) – 20.537 (0.8%)

David Furness (BNP) – 13,325 (0.5%)

Prince Zylinksi (Independent) – 13,202 (0.5%)

Ankit Love (One Love) – 4,941 (0.2%)


As no candidate secured more than 50% of the votes on the first round that meant second preference votes were calculated. Sadiq Khan secured 161,427 and Zac Goldsmith secured 84,859. This meant that the second round results were:

Sadiq Khan – 1,310,143

Zac Goldsmith – 994,614

Campaigning Continues as 100 Days Until London Mayoral Elections


Campaigning is continuing for the London Mayoral elections which are to be held in 100 days. David Cameron, the Prime Minister, urged Londoners not to back Labour’s candidate, Sadiq Khan and instead to support Zac Goldsmith, the Conservative candidate.

Cameron said:

“Sadiq Khan nominated Jeremy Corbyn to be leader of the Labour party and he doesn’t regret it. Never mind the fact that he wants to give the Falklands back to Argentina or he thinks that nuclear submarines should patrol the Atlantic without any missiles.

“His policy is to bring back and legalise secondary strikes and flying pickets. Just think what the first Corbyn-elected Mayor would be like for our economy, for our city. You do not want to be lab rats in the first Corbyn economic experiment in public life”.

Sadiq Khan also spoke of his bid to become Mayor in the Daily Telegraph and rejected the leader’s view on Trident, saying:

“I’m quite clear that I can’t foresee any circumstances in which I would vote to unilaterally end our nuclear capability”.

Khan also rejected the idea of John McDonnell, the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, to abolish the City of London Corporation. He said in an interview with City AM that:

“Any suggestion that the Corporation should be abolished is ridiculous and clearly not in the interests of London”.

Speaking to The Guardian, Caroline Pidgeon, standing for the Liberal Democrats, said that “morale is actually very, very good in the party”. She added that the party had more new members in the city than it had received for sometime.

The Mayoral elections will take place on 5 May 2016 and other candidates include Siân Berry (Green Party), Peter Whittle (UKIP), David Furness (BNP) and George Galloway (Respect Party).

Zac Goldsmith selected as Conservative candidate for London Mayor


Zac Goldsmith, the Conservative MP for Richmond Park, has been selected as the party’s official candidate for the London Mayoral elections which will be held in 2016.

Goldsmith secured 6,514 votes with Syed Kamall coming second with 1,477 votes, Stephen Greenhalgh coming third with 864 votes and Andrew Boff coming fourth with 372 votes.

The Mayoral election will be held on 5 May 2016 and other candidates include Sadiq Khan for Labour, Caroline Pidgeon for the Liberal Democrats, Sian Berry for the Greens and Peter Whittle for UKIP.