Jeremy Corbyn is the new leader of the Labour Party


The Labour Party have confirmed that Jeremy Corbyn has been elected as their new party leader.

Results 1st Stage Members Registered Supporters Affiliated Supporters Total % of Valid Vote
BURNHAM, Andy 55,698 6,160 18,604 80,462 19.0%
COOPER, Yvette 54,470 8,415 9,043 71,928 17.0%
CORBYN, Jeremy 121,751 88,449 41,217 251,417 59.5%
KENDALL, Liz 13,601 2,574 2,682 18,857 4.5%
TOTAL 245,520 105,598 71,546 422,664


Tom Watson is the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party

The Labour Party have confirmed that Tom Watson has been elected as their new deputy party leader.

Results 1st Stage Members Registered Supporters Affiliated Supporters TOTAL % of Valid Vote
BRADSHAW, Ben 24,738 6,839 7,503 39,080 9.6%
CREASY, Stella 47,372 22,465 8,263 78,100 19.1%
EAGLE, Angela 36,321 15,676 14,016 66,013 16.2%
FLINT, Caroline 41,504 11,282 11,639 64,425 15.8%
WATSON, Tom 90,018 43,729 27,105 160,852 39.4%
TOTAL 239,953 99,991 68,526 408,470
Exclusion of Ben Bradshaw
Results 2nd Stage Members Registered Supporters Affiliated Supporters TOTAL % of Valid Vote
CREASY, Stella 52,866 23,959 9,730 86,555 21.4%
EAGLE, Angela 40,559 16,583 15,375 72,517 17.9%
FLINT, Caroline 48,208 12,948 13,425 74,581 18.4%
WATSON, Tom 96,008 45,329 29,252 170,589 42.2%
TOTAL 239,953 99,991 68,526 408,470
Exclusion of Angela Eagle
Results 2nd Stage Members Registered Supporters Affiliated Supporters TOTAL % of Valid Vote
CREASY, Stella 62,875 27,874 12,997 103,746 26.4%
EAGLE, Angela
FLINT, Caroline 57,305 15,434 16,799 89,538 22.8%
WATSON, Tom 111,465 51,815 35,682 198,962 50.7%
TOTAL 239,953 99,991 68,526 408,470


Andy Burnham reported to say that Jeremy Corbyn would be “a disaster”


Andy Burnham, one of the four candidates to become leader of the Labour Party, has been recorded by the Sun Newspaper saying that electing Jeremy Corbyn instead would be “a disaster”.

The recording was made in secret by a Sun journalist posing as a donor to Burnham’s campaign. It may now prove difficult for Burnham to take a position in Corbyn’s Shadow Cabinet as he had previously indicated that he would be willing to do.

Burnham said in the secret recording:

“Privately, it is a disaster for the Labour Party. I mean, publicly, he is a nice man, a nice individual. He believes in the things he campaigns on so he’s not a fraud in any way. But I think the public will think Labour has given up on ever being a Government again”.

The result of the leadership contest will be announced this Saturday with Corbyn the current favourite to win.

Peter Robinson, the Northern Ireland First Minister, has stood down

Peter Robinson, the First Minister of Northern Ireland and leader of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), has stood down after weeks of disagreement in the Province. The crisis started following the murder of Kevin McGuigan, who was a former member of the IRA, when the Police Service of Northern Ireland said that the IRA were implicated in his killing.

Robinson said in a statement:

“The failure of the SDLP and Sinn Fein to implement the Stormont House Agreement together with the assessment from the Chief Constable of the involvement of IRA members in murder, the continued existence of the IRA and the arrests that followed has pushed devolution to the brink”.

Downing Street said in a statement:

The Prime Minister is gravely concerned about the situation in Northern Ireland following developments there today.

“Earlier this afternoon, the Prime Minister spoke with Peter Robinson. While acknowledging the gravity of the situation, the Prime Minister told Mr Robinson that the UK Government did not believe it would be right to introduce emergency legislation now to suspend the Assembly.

They discussed options for what more the UK Government could do to comprehensively address all remaining paramilitary activity in Northern Ireland.

The PM underlined the need for intensive cross party talks to identify ways to tackle all paramilitary groups and to get on with implementation of the Stormont House Agreement

The Prime Minister said that there should be a return to the spirit that had seen politicians show such leadership over the years to deliver a peace process that has inspired people across the world.

The Government objective is clear: we want to work with political leaders for a Northern Ireland where politics works, the economy grows and which is no longer defined by its divided past but by its shared future”.

Arlene Foster, the current Minister for Finance in Northern Ireland, has taken on the role of acting First Minister.

David Cameron has met with the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu


David Cameron, the Prime Minister, has met at Downing Street today for talks with Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel.

Downing Street said in a statement:

“The two leaders welcomed the growing economic ties between the UK and Israel, particularly the progress that had been made since the PM’s visit in a number of areas, including research and science, with an additional £3 million of new funding for bilateral medical research projects in 2017.

They agreed that cyber security was a vital issue, and that it had to be considered both in terms of threats and opportunities. They agreed to collaborate further, with a new package of co-operation covering training and joint exercises to prepare against cyber attacks. The UK will send a cyber business delegation to Israel in December to further strengthen this co-operation.

On the Middle East, both leaders reiterated their commitment to a two state resolution as the only way to secure lasting peace in the Middle East, and the Prime Minister emphasised the importance of improving daily life for the people of Gaza, for example through better power and water supplies and facilitating travel in and out of Gaza.

They also discussed the threat of Islamist extremism and agreed that both political and economic security was required for long term peace, and pledged to continue to work together to support fragile countries in North Africa.

On Iran, they recognised that while there were differences in their approach, both shared the objective of greater stability in the region, and agreed that it was in the interests of all that Iran allowed regular inspections of its nuclear facilities”.

Legal bid to overturn the election of Alistair Carmichael begins in Scotland


Court action has commenced in a legal bid to overturn the result of the Orkney and Shetland constituency at the 2015 General Election.

The contest was won by Alistair Carmichael and was the only constituency on by the Liberal Democrats in Scotland. The complaint to the electoral court was made by four constituents who claimed that Carmichael has misled the electorate.

Although Carmichael admitted to the illegal leaking of a Government document his legal team said that the claim was “irrelevant”. Carmichael has represented the constituency since 2001 and served as the Secretary of State for Scotland from 2013 until 2015.

Lord Carey says that ISIS need crushing in Syria

Lord Carey, the Archbishop of Canterbury from 1991 to 2002, has said that ISIS should be crushed even if this means using military intervention.

Carey’s intervention comes after Labour leadership hopeful Jeremy Corbyn said that he would not use military strikes in Syria even if the international community requested help. As David Cameron, the Prime Minister, has said that military action would require the support of the Leader of the Opposition this would mean that the UK might be unable to join in an international effort if Corbyn wins the Labour leadership.

Carey wrote in the Daily Telegraph:

“The dramatic and disturbing developments of the past few days have introduced a new, heart-rending dimension to this refugee crisis. Undoubtedly, the most disturbing aspect is just how impotent Europe is proving itself to be. If the EU is not resilient in the face of this disaster, it could be torn apart.

I can’t help thinking of Corporal Jones’s catchphrase – “Don’t panic!” But even the Germans are panicking as Angela Merkel, in a desperate attempt to cajole her fellow European leaders into accepting binding quotas, has declared open season for up to 800,000 Syrians to come to Germany.

Isn’t it a bit rich for the Germans to criticise other nations, including Britain, for failing to accept refugees? For years, our warm-hearted land has consistently accepted more asylum-seekers than Germany.
Besides, it would be a mistake to give way to bullying calls to immediately open our doors to tens of thousands of refugees. We are a small island and recent immigration figures are highly disturbing. Last year, a net figure of 330,000 people settled among us – more than the population of Sunderland. Imagine this continuing, year after year”.


Environment Secretary says Government will help British farmers

Liz Truss
Liz Truss

Elizabeth Truss, the Secretary of State for the Environment, has said that the Government will ensure that British farmers get assistance. The measures will include a review of the dairy supply chain, a review of purchasing food and drink in the public sector and there will be a trade delegation to China.

Truss said in a statement:

“I recognise the seriousness of the current situation for our hardworking farmers and I will be pushing the EU Commission tomorrow for urgent action to help them through this turbulent time.

Dairy farmers are a vital part of our £100 billion food and farming industry. I want to support the industry to become more resilient and ready to take advantage of the growing demand for British dairy both at home and overseas.

That’s why we are urgently pursuing a range of measures to build on best practice in the industry, provide better promotion of our world class products, and boost support for local producers from the public sector including government departments, schools and hospitals”.

Courts give Anjem Choudary bail until trial next year

Justice Saunders has confirmed that controversial cleric Anjem Choudary and his co-accused Mohammed Rahman will be given bail until their trial to be held in 2016.

The pair have both been remanded in custody at Belmarsh Trial but their legal teams asked for bail to be granted if certain conditions were met. The judge agreed and the conditions include not posting on social media or owning a device which can connect to the Internet. Additional conditions include not engaging with worshippers at prayers and not being in a group of more than two family members outside of the mosque.

Justice Saunders said during the pre-trial hearing at the Old Bailey:

“While I accept the points made by the prosecution, they are both men who are settled in this country. They have families to support and with the conditions that are suggested I think it is unlikely that they will attempt to abscond”.